1990s Coming of Age

In 1992, a single storyline on TV’s Murphy Brown triggered a heated debate during the Presidential election season. As the fictional TV character became a hot-button issue in the presidential campaign, a real woman was igniting an even fiercer debate.

Hillary Clinton, wife of Democratic nominee Bill Clinton, was unlike any prospective First Lady in history. An accomplished lawyer, she was not content to play the traditional political wife. During the campaign, Hillary’s professional ambition and occasional slips of the tongue alienated large parts of the country.

At one point, questioned about possible conflicts of interest between her career and her husband’s, she seemed to belittle stay-at-home mothers.Bill Clinton went on to win the election, but Hillary remained a polarizing figure as First Lady -- particularly when her husband asked her to spearhead his administration’s health care initiative.

By the mid-90’s, a generation who had grown up with the women’s movement had come of age, starting families and careers of their own. For many of them, the old battles seemed far removed from their lives.

Ursula Burns Ursula Burns

Ursula Burns on becoming the first African American woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company

Ursula Burns Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton on her devotion to women's rights worldwide

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